Members – Announcement

Dear Members,

We are excited to announce that CCCW, ContinuUs, and Western Wisconsin Cares plan to join together. All three organizations do the same type of work, but in other parts of Wisconsin.

You do not have to do anything right now. You will remain enrolled as a member. Your care managers and providers will remain the same. And, your care plan will remain the same.

We will be getting bigger, but our promise to you remains the same. We plan to have the same care team (social worker and nurse) work with you through this change. So, the supports you need, the services you depend on, and the relationships you value will stay the same. A name for the new organization has not been decided on yet.

A merger date of January 1, 2017 is planned. Before the merger can take place, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance must approve the final merger plan. The new company will continue to offer Family Care. “As single entities, we do great work. As joined partners, we will have even greater impact,” concluded the three leaders of this people-centered venture.

As more information about the merger is available, we will provide it for members. If you have questions now, please contact your care team.

Our commitment remains focused on delivering quality long-term care support in the communities you call home, and a change in our size doesn’t change that.