Lead CEO Update

CCCW, ContinuUs, and WWC intend to merge into one organization, but what does this mean for leadership?

In order to successfully navigate a change of this magnitude, we need strong, collaborative, and innovative leadership. And while change is the responsibility we all share, having the guidance to navigate that change is paramount to our success.

 How did we get here?

The Governance Committee, a group of three representatives each from the CCCW, ContinuUs, and WWC Boards of Directors met on July 14th for their first meeting. This committee was formed to guide merger planning efforts through legal, regulatory, and governance steps necessary to support the intended merger on January 1, 2017. As part of their first meeting, the Governance Committee considered the appointment of a Lead CEO to guide operational aspects of the merger planning, including:

  • Provide leadership to the Management Leadership Team (comprised of Executives from each of the three organizations).
  • Make initial Executive Leadership appointments for the merged organization, and supports full development of and hiring into the merged organization.
  • Serve as a liaison with the Governance Committee.

The Governance Committee appointed Mark Hilliker, CEO of Community Care Connections of Wisconsin, as the Lead CEO, effectively immediately.

Bringing three organizations into one will require a great deal of effort, commitment, and focus from all of us. Thank you for your willingness to support the success of this exciting opportunity.


“I am humbled and honored to take on this important role.  I appreciate the Governance Committee’s trust in appointing me as Lead CEO, and will work tirelessly to fulfill our ultimate outcome of merging these three great organizations, Hilliker said.”