As three organizations, we do a lot.

  • Support members to live a life of their choosing
  • Coordinate quality supports and services
  • Partner with communities
  • Collaborate with a robust provider network
  • Uphold standards for Family Care delivery
  • Explore innovative approaches to LTC and beyond

We do all these things and more, but HOW we do them is especially noteworthy. More specifically, this isn’t about our contracts, this is about a creative and innovative approach to more. But more is difficult to achieve alone. Instead, CCCW, ContinuUs, and WWC are joining forces to explore more, together.

“If we are only looking at being a single MCO, that is all we’ll ever be. If we only look at our place in long-term care, that is all we’ll ever do. Our collective vision is so much more than that,” said Mark K. Hilliker, Chief Executive Officer of CCCW.

“We share similar values, missions, and approaches to delivering locally-based supports and services, but we can do more. Joining forces in our shared commitment to being the premier choice for members is just the start of our footprint on Wisconsin well into the future,” said Tim Garrity, Executive Director of WWC.

“We are person-centered and values-driven. And when I say we, I am highlighting all three organizations! We wanted more, and this partnership is exactly that. This isn’t a change in the work we do, this is a collective improvement in the work we do,” said Teri Buros, Chief Executive Officer of ContinUs.

More is best achieved when single entities join forces. This partnership is a foundation of strength in numbers. Join us in our commitment to more.